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The Basics
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These HamRadioSchool.com articles provide ham radio basics about operations, Technician license knowledge requirements, and other fundamentals of ham radio. . … Read More

Advanced Topics
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These HamRadioSchool.com articles discuss more advanced topics, suited for those seeking to upgrade to General or Extra License classes. . … Read More

How To
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These HamRadioSchool.com articles provide “How To” information to help you do the things you want to do with amateur radio. … Read More

Radio Science
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These HamRadioSchool.com articles discuss the science and engineering behind radio to help you better understand how radio works. . . … Read More

Book Section Media & Quizzes
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Find our section-by-section quizzes and learning supplements here for the Technician License Course book and for the General License Course … Read More

Get a Ham Radio License! Here’s how.
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Anyone can get a ham radio license. Start working on yours today!

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