About Us

We are an amateur radio license preparation and education service dedicated to helping you develop the knowledge and skills you need to pass your exam and get on the air quickly, with competence and confidence.

The HamRadioSchool.com integrated learning system combines the best of proven traditional methods with new media to provide a learning experience like no other in amateur radio today! With our fully coordinated book, web media, and mobile device apps, you will really understand ham radio. You will really get it! And when you really understand instead of just memorizing mind-numbing exam questions and answers, the license exam becomes incredibly easy. More importantly, you’ll truly have the knowledge and skills to get on the air after you ace your license exam. Check out this brief video of some of our previous students!

Our learning system includes:

The Books
Our Technician License Course and General License Course books are written with a balance of depth and simplicity to explain technical topics with intuitive, easy-to-follow examples and analogies. It uses a logical, building-block approach with brief, easy-to-digest sections. The books are packed with superb graphics to aid visual learning, and our pages are not padded with the public domain exam pool questions! Rather, we provide all the exam pool questions online for you, logically organized by book sections, and the book clearly highlights question content and language within complete and fully illustrated explanations of radio concepts. Read a section, review related web media and take the section quiz online, and really get it!

The Web Site
HamRadioSchool.com offers a fun and informative electronic magazine for the new-to-intermediate ham radio operator, practically explaining interesting ham activities and operations with a friendly “how to” approach. Our web learning media sections are fully coordinated with our books, section by section, offering video, audio, additional articles, and relevant web links to reinforce important exam and operational concepts (Learning Material Menu). You’ll find Technician Class and General Class license exam question pool quizzes and printable questions there too, also organized section by section with our books for efficient learning.

The Apps
Our iOS and Android mobile apps provide book-coordinated question pool quizzing and full 35-question exam practice anywhere, anytime. The app tracks your quiz and practice exam performance and reports it to you by book section, so you know exactly where you need to focus your study time. The app also helps ensure you see all the questions, and it prioritizes the appearance of practice exam questions that you didn’t get right the first time around. With the book and practice app you’re outfitted to prepare for your exam on the go!   iOS Tech   iOS Gen   Android Tech   Android Gen

Instructor Materials
Our fully integrated classroom materials track section-by-section with our books. These materials are exclusively provided to Amateur Radio instructors and organizations. They are MS PowerPoint based and easy to use, and they include coordinated video products as well. Our classroom materials are loaded with high quality graphics, clever animations, and question content highlights to help you explain difficult concepts easily and focus on the most important exam concepts.  Learn more about our Instructor Resources with this brief video sampling.

With HamRadioSchool.com you will really get it, you’ll pass your exam easily and really understand ham radio! Take a look around our web site, view and listen to some of our learning media, read our eMagazine features, and visit our detailed book description pages. We believe you’ll find that HamRadioSchool.com is THE WAY to get introduced to ham radio and to upgrade your license. Thanks for stopping by!

HRS Staff

About HamRadioSchool.com
HamRadioSchool.com, founded 2012, is a small company based in central Colorado and run by an even smaller team of very cool ham radio enthusiasts who are a lot of fun to hang around with. Our staff includes a Ph.D. educator type whom we keep locked in the supply closet, a “web guru / graphic artist” that hit his head once and woke up believing he’s an engineer, the hippest code monkey we’ve ever met, and a couple of ”gray beard” hams that keep us on track. Most of us have day jobs and this is our primary part-time sideline obsession.