Get a Ham Radio License! Here’s how.

get a ham radio license

Anyone can get a ham radio license. Start working on yours today!

How to get a ham radio license — It’s simple:

  1. Study 10-12 hours of focused materials on radio topics.
  2. Correctly answer at least 26 of 35 multiple-choice exam questions.
  3.  No Morse code requirement in U.S.

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How to get a ham radio license —  More Details:  A ham radio license is also known as an Amateur Radio Service license. The Amateur Radio Service is administered by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Amateur Radio is one of many radio services overseen by the FCC, such as commercial broadcast radio, broadcast television, aviation radio, public service radio, and more. The FCC will grant your Amateur Radio Service license following successful completion of an examination.

Ham Licenses:  The FCC currently grants three Amateur Radio licenses.

  1. Technician License – the introductory license class that must be earned first. It provides transmitting privileges on VHF and UHF radio bands. These bands are useful for direct radio-to-radio communications up to a few miles, or up to hundreds of miles using radio repeater systems. These frequencies may also be used to communicate with the International Space Station (ISS) and via satellites in low earth orbit that retransmit signals over broad areas. Learn more about the Technician Exam structure and topics.
  2. General License – an upgrade license that grants additional transmitting privileges on multiple High Frequency (HF) radio bands. These frequencies may be bent over the horizon by charged particles high in the atmosphere, allowing long-distance and international communications around the globe.
  3. Extra License – the top upgrade license that grants additional transmitting privileges on several segments of the HF radio bands that are reserved exclusively for Extra Class licensed ham operators.

Learn more at this article about how to get a ham radio license.  Topics covered include:

You can do it!  You can get a ham radio license!  Get started today and let help.  Good luck!